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The most unusual thing about 19-year-old Kyle Maynard isn’t that he’s already in the Wrestling Hall of Fame.

It’s not that he currently holds the world’s record for modified bench press in his division.

And it’s not that he’s being honored as the World’s Strongest Teen.

The most unusual thing about Kyle Maynard is that he’s done all this – and much more –
after being born in 1986 with a rare condition called “congenital amputation.”

Typically, this results in a missing finger or toe. But in his case, it is a more unusual and serious case of quadramembral phocomelia. That means he has no hands and no feet. In fact, he has no limbs at all below the elbows and knees.

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And if you are looking for motivation, read Kyle’s book “No Excuses”

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From The Economic Times

The capital is all set to get its first very own special economic zone (SEZ). The Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation (DSIDC) has tied up with the Delhi Trade and tourism Department to set up a gems and jewellery SEZ in the capital. The project involves an investment of around Rs. 250 crore, excluding the cost of land. The consortium will soon be taking a decision on the financial consultant for the project.

The SEZ is expected to sport global mega brands like Donna Karan and Gucci among others. “We want this to be a world class business hub. The intention is to bring in all the big names like Donna Karan and Gucci into India to exploit domestic strengths and manufacture at low cost. We want to ensure that Indian citizens no longer need to visit Dubai and Malaysia to shop for jewellery. On the contrary, we are looking at capturing the markets in SriLanka and Burma. Delhi should be visited by SriLankans for its state-of-the-art jewellery designs,” Mr. Jalal Srivastav, managing director, DSIDC, told ET.

The mega Project intended at promoting the 7,000 unorganised jewellers across Delhi involves both front end and back end operations. “We are looking at setting up a global business hub involving both national and international players to promote exports of gems and jewellery from Delhi,” says Mr. Srivastav.

The MOU for the mega project has been signed between the DSIDC and Delhi Trade and Tourism Department.
Says Mr. Srivastav: “We have identified about 18 acres of land in West Delhi that will house two hotels, one habitat centre and the gems and jewellery business centres. Apart from that, we are looking another 80 acres of land at Najafgarh for the back end operations. However, the MCD is yet to give its clearance

My wife runs a jewellery manufacturing and retailing business so I have pretty much a first hand experience of how things work in this industry in Delhi

  • This is a much needed initiative. We need good designs and good designers badly. We have to move beyong the “kitne tole ka hai” mentality, to appreciating the quality of gemstones and diamonds and the designs. Presence of international brands, right in the center of the city and not in branded boutiques in five star hotels may help. Even the designs that World Gold Council shows in their ads are not available at any jewellers in Delhi. Mumbai is different from Delhi in this regard as it is very common to hear terms such as “bombay design”, “bombay finish” and “bombay making”.
  • I am sure there are more than 7000 jewellers in Delhi.
  • Front end operations in West Delhi and back end operations in Najafgarh, I think apart from availability of land, accessibility by Delhi Metro could be a factor too.