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Was looking forward to visiting Costa Coffee after reading about it in the newspapers. So I went there last week. It is somewhere on the outer cirlce at Connaught Place, I think it was “L Block”.
The coffee was nothing to write home about. I hoped for something better than Barista but that was not to be. Atleast the coffee in Barista is hot. At Costa Coffee the waiters serve the coffee at the table. We had to wait for more than 15 minutes for our coffee, and when it was finally served, the hot coffee was not hot at all.

The bakery products looked tempting, though I did not try them.

So for me the best coffee exprience in Delhi remains the one I have at my office daily, with Lavazza’s Expresso Italiano made in a Kenwood coffee maker. My desire for a better smelling and tasting coffee from the professional baristas remains unfulfilled. Maybe I’ll have to wait till starbucks decides to open a cafe in Delhi.

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Kakori kebab: melts in the mouth

Kakori kebab, the stories tell was first prepared by the cooks of the Nawab of Kakori in Awadh, who had lost his teeth but not the craving for Kebabs. These kebabs are so soft that they melt in the mouth. The cooks say that there should be the right proportion of papaya mixed with minced meat for the kakoris to have this softness.

In Delhi, I have had Kakori at two places and have liked them at both of these

I first had it at “Aap ki Khatir barbeque”, which was at the Humayun’s tomb near Nizammudin. But later had to move to a place around 50 metres away from its awesome location. Jagmohan found it not worthy of being so close to a heritage monument.

The second place I had Kakoris was at Delhi Haat’s Awadh stall… I think the stall’s named Shaan-e-Awadh or something similar.

Do you know of any other place that serves this delicious kebab? I have heard about Al-Kauser but have still to try it there.

bookmark_borderPizza Hut at Karol Bagh.

We went to the Pizza Hut at Karol Bagh yesterday. My advice to anybody planning to go there… avoid it . The service was pathetic. The food was not good. The olive oil in our Sphagetti was stale. And it took them 10 minutes to find a bottle of tabasco sauce for us.

If you like a pint of Foster with your food, head to Pizza Hut C.P. They don’t even serve beer at Karol Bagh.
The C.P outlet is worth the wait.