costa coffee

Was looking forward to visiting Costa Coffee after reading about it in the newspapers. So I went there last week. It is somewhere on the outer cirlce at Connaught Place, I think it was “L Block”.
The coffee was nothing to write home about. I hoped for something better than Barista but that was not to be. Atleast the coffee in Barista is hot. At Costa Coffee the waiters serve the coffee at the table. We had to wait for more than 15 minutes for our coffee, and when it was finally served, the hot coffee was not hot at all.

The bakery products looked tempting, though I did not try them.

So for me the best coffee exprience in Delhi remains the one I have at my office daily, with Lavazza’s Expresso Italiano made in a Kenwood coffee maker. My desire for a better smelling and tasting coffee from the professional baristas remains unfulfilled. Maybe I’ll have to wait till starbucks decides to open a cafe in Delhi.


  1. My experience at Costa Coffee yesterday was the worst one can imagine! Not that they serve any great coffee anyways, i like their packed sandwiches…well, i should say…I USED TO LIKE..
    last evening, at the Noida (Sector 18) outlet of Costa, I picked up my “favourite” Cheese Tomato Toastato form the rack, handed the packet myself to the exec at the counter, paid for it and I was told to “have a seat while my sandwich is served to me at my table.”
    In 5-10 minutes, the sandwich was served to me. I took a bite and felt like I am going to throw up next minute..I opened the sandwich to check if something’s wrong with the cheese…and Voila! what do i find…I have been given a Chicken & Ham Toastato!!! I am a Jain and a strict vegetarian!!
    I rushed to the loo and went through a terrible puking session.

    After all this, do I even get an apology?? People just go about their regular business and I have to “demand” for my money back. Still no apology, no redressal, NOTHING!!!!

    So much for an exclusive coffee experience!!

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