bookmark_borderJapanese Self Study

Ever since i blogged about my JLPT result, I have received more than a few queries about how I managed to do it without going to a language school.

Here I have bookmarked some sites I found useful.

And here are a few Kanji books, which are very useful for self study

  • Basic Kanji Book vol.1 (@amazon)
  • Basic Kanji Book vol.2 (@amazon)
  • Intermediate Kanji book vol.1 (@amazon)
  • Intermediate Kanji book vol.2 (couldn’t find it at amazon)

bookmark_border10 Ways to Identify an Onna Otaku

Great points to identify or be a she-nerd in Tokyo. Read it at

Another addition to the categories. The shibuya girls (the tanned and blond ones with the Hawaian look), The harajuku girls (those witches dressed in black, near the Harajuku station) and now the Onna Otaku near the Ikebukuro station [she-nerd] ha ha ha.

Here is a good photo gallery of the Shibuya girls.

I am looking for a good Harajuku girls photo gallery. Will post when i find it. In case you know of some, share the link with me.

And I am definitely checking out the Onna Otaku “she-nerd” on my next trip to Tokyo.