bookmark_borderConfidence Cheats

I landed at ksblog via a Ramit Sethi blog post

The confidence cheats post really got me thinking about my own confidence cheats.
Gettting back to writing some code is one.
Doing some pushups help me too. Really gets me all worked up to start again.

Sometimes, the off day feeling just refuses to leave me. I have to come up with more and better confidence cheats, can’t afford lack of confidence.. as K says … it costs.

And also this leaves me wondering how the confidence cheats have nothing to do with the things that make me loose confidence in the first place. Almost 100% of the time it is lack of financial growth. I want to make more money. I want to grow my business. I am working towards it…. I know it will take time… but still….

bookmark_borderadded geotags

I added geotags, specifying my location in Delhi, to this blog’s header.
Then pinged and, they will use the information in geotags to find other sites nearby. Already feedmap shows 40 blogs in my neighborhood.

Also, I learnt a new word “meatspace” at

The physical world (as opposed virtual reality)
where you might spend facetime with the "carbon community"

Well, even “carbon community” is a new word for me.

bookmark_borderCustomizing Rails validation error messages

Rails Version information: activerecord-1.12.1, rails-0.14.1

I have a form, where the user enters a name, “johndoe”. I already have a user “johndoe”, and i want user name to be unique.
The default error message that validate_uniqueness_of returns is “Name is already taken”
But I want “Name johndoe is not available”.

Here is my user model, user.rb file, with the custom message.

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I wonder why i had not known about webDAV, though it has been around for so long. I needed to have the capability to create a document in word and save it directly to a remote server. The solution i had in mind was to use smb/cifs [samba, in this case]. Then a new requirement cropped up, the file was to be stored in a database on the remote server and not in the file server. That meant I had to write my own smb server, which would get the file from word and save it to a database. I was about to start working on this, when i discovered webDAV.
Smb/cifs has a lot of legacy, while webDAV is nascent and promising. And since webDAV is based or rather an extension of HTTP, I decided to try it.

WebDAV made my task very easy, thanks to microsoft for implementing webFolders.
Now i am planning to move most of my documents that i access from multiple location online, and access them via webDAV.

Read more about webDAV at

bookmark_borderRuby on Rails

It took me ten minutes flat to get my first mini application running. A basic screen to view and edit a database table content using a browser. Much of it was done by the code generating scripts that come with RoR. I still have to explore the more involved features…. have heard a lot about RoR’s unit testing features and… will check it out soon.