bookmark_borderget started on Ruby on Rails in hours

build you own ruby on rails application

Build you own Ruby on Rails web application is a book specially written for people wanting to start exploring rails. It is being pitched as the “ultimate beginners guide to Rails” by sitepoint.
So if you have been appreciating Rails from outside, get hold of this book and jump right it. Start experiencing the joy of Ruby on Rails programming in hours, if not minutes.

This book is also an exteremely useful resource for companies who want to train developers on Rails.

Thanks Jamis, for the review which made me look at this book. Now that a new rails book is coming out almost every fortnight, it’s getting difficuilt to keep track.
Also there is this gem hidden in Jamis’ review : never use a plugin you would not be able to write yourself. We have learnt it the hard way and I am sure so have many other Rails developers.

bookmark_borderRailsConf2007, Portland, Oregon


RailsConf Europe 2006 which I had attended at London in September 2006 was my first formal conference. It was organized by Ruby Central and Skills Matter and was fairly expensive atleast by Indian Standards, but it was a great exposure for me.
In May this year, I will be attending RailsConf 2007 at Portland, Oregon, being organized by O’reilly and Ruby Central.

With DHH, Dave Thomas, Jim Weirich, Chad Fowler, Jamis Buck and the team doing the plenary sessions, it is bound to be a lotta fun.

I still have to book my air-tickets, so if there is someone else travelling from India, do ping me and we could travel together and do some ruby/rails hacking enroute.
This will be my first trip to US and I am excited about that. US which by default happens to be the first destination for 90% of my fellow technologists from India is happening to me 11 years after I started my career.

At an early stage in my career I had preferred to take up an assignment in Japan rather than US because US seemed approachable any time while oppurtunities to work in Japan were comparatively rare.
Thanks to Rails for making that “possible any time” trip actually happen now.