bookmark_borderAditya’s widget Travelmate wins opera’s competition


Aditya had participated in a travel widget development competition organized by Opera.

It was a tight competition and not withstanding the fact that he started out late, he could still finish the widget and submit it just a few minutes before the deadline.

The good news is that his widget “TravelMate” won the competition and he will be soon receiving a window mobile phone from opera. Read more about it here

Aditya, as modest as he always is, gave a lot of credit for his win to the other members of the vinsol team.


The first thing I was recommended when i bought my mac was to install quicksilver on it.

And so I did. That really proved to be the best thing to do. QuickSilver is much more than an app launcher. For me it the central point of control from where i control my whole mac.

If you are not using quicksilver yet, read these two articles to get started.

And amaze your friends with you mac wizardry.