bookmark_borderRuby on Rails Presentation

I will be making a Ruby on Rails presentation at the August php meetup.

This would be my second presentation on RoR, after the one at BarCampDelhi.

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And this time there will be no ppts 😉

Thanks to ValueOne for hosting the meetup.

bookmark_borderemacs for windows: meadow

Meadow is a tool that I came across on my last visit to Japan.
It is a GNU Emacs imlpementation for Windows and is fairly popular in Japan.
Though i had tried the windows version of xemacs before, I like the meadow interface much more.

You can get it here.
There is an english version of the wiki here.

I sometime do a little bit of rails hacking on my windows pc too … so i installed the ruby mode.
If you would want to add ruby-mode, you can find ruby-mode.elc under your ruby installation.
Copy it to lisp/progmodes/ under meadows home.

To customize Meadow further… here is a good link ( tis in japanese, but you should understand the lisp)

bookmark_borderDelhi ruby enthusiasts meetup.

Love Ruby. Love Rails. Love Beer. Love Food. Do You?

Jon and I are organizing a ruby/rails enthusiasts meetup on Friday, June 2, 8pm at Piccaddily, PVR Plaza, C.P.

We’ll be exchanging views and experiences on Ruby and Rails over beer and food.

All Ruby enthusiasts who are willing to share the bill are welcome to join us.

A rsvp mail to me or jon would be appreciated.
Coz Picaddily gets crowded at weekends at times … and we might need to make a reservation.

bookmark_borderRuby library for Paypal Website Payments Pro

At vinsol, we did a rails project recently which uses Paypal Website Payments Pro web api for financial settlement. We wrote the code that integrates with paypal in a separate module for reusability.

We have released the module at Rubyforge under a project named vPaypal. It is available as a gem, so you can install it directly using ruby-gems.

We are highly indebted to Pranav Bihari for this blog post which helped us getting started on using Paypal api with ruby.

Also thank to Ritu, our lead Rails programmer who wrote the complete module.