Dry Day


I searched for “dry day” on google. It showed up results about rainfall, bed wetting and menses..
The sites from India, showed results consistent with the meaning that we have attached to “Dry Day”. It is not lack of rainfall or “absence of bed wetting”. It is that day in India, when no alcohol is sold at the Liquor shops. Even the bars do not serve
liquor on a dry day.

Most of the festivals and public holidays are declared as a dry day in India, to avoid people from drinking themselves crazy.

And the government publicizes the dry days for each month in all the newspapers, so that people can stock their drinks and be prepared for the dry day.

I simply fail to understand the logic of having dry days. Those who have to drink themselves crazy will do so anyway, dry day or wet day.


  1. I completely agree with you and I believe the reason behind this is that most of the government officials are not from sound families and good schools.

    100% of government officials come from Govt schools or small towns therefore they try to enforce their own small town family values for the entire nation.

  2. I’m completely agree with vikrant and manik. I dont know when this system will going to change.
    we can’t make love on valentine’s day.
    we cannot accept few as homosexuals.
    we cannot make the prostitution legalized.
    & we cannot drink on the day,which we wanted to enjoy.

    I think the govt. should consider the concept of forbidden fruit, then i think, the people of this country will feel free.

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