WordPress as CMS

I have been using wordpress for some time now, writing small modules and themes as well.
This blog also runs on wordpress.

Recently for a client, I wanted a content management system. I studied creation of pages at wordpress codex site and found it had everything that I needed.
Page creation, individual themes for pages, page list for navigation menu, nesting of pages, everything i needed for the client, so that the ultimate control over the content and style remains with the client.

I was so impressed that i decided to setup my company site also in wordpress. And while doing so, I thought it would be good to add blog as a feature of my company site.
The site is at http://vinsol.com .
By and large the structure is there, I need to add a lot of content though.

It is a site which is very proudly powered by WP.


  1. WordPress rocks the house as a CMS!

    We did 2 corporate sites, one for our company (uzanto) and one for our main product (MindCanvas). We configured the company and product sites so that they could subscribe to content from individual team members blogs. The company and product sites only subscribe to content that has been tagged (by the individuals) as “for publication”. The result: both the company and product sites get tons of “free” content, autamagically! This took us like 15 minutes to set up, I was very impressed.

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