Good Care at Nokia Care

As with most other care providers around here, I wasn’t expecting a good experience when i went to Nokia Care center at East Patel Nagar to get my dad’s mobile phone repaired.

Surprizingly (to me atleast), a waiting ticket system was in place and working. The only other place in Delhi where I have seen the waiting ticket system working in Delhi is at the ABN Amro bank.

I picked up my ticket at the gate and waited for my turn with one of the front desk officers.
The front desk officer, listened to my complaint, did some prelminary checks, cracked some jokes with the other front desk staff around and told me that the phone would be repaired free of cost since it was still in warranty period and I could collect it the next evening.

She printed the job card and marked the IVRS phone number on the card, where i could check the status of the job by entering the job card number.

A couple of hours later, out of curiosity, I checked the status at the IVR number and it said that the job was finished and I could collect the phone.

I went to the Nokia Care center and collected the phone. And it seems to be working OK now.

It was one of the most hassle-free customer care experience I have had recently with a big company. So naturally had to blog about it. The job was done before the commited time and there was no unnecessary waiting for me at any step.

After my experience with some of the mobile service providers and banks, I am very skeptical of IVR systems, which make me listen to songs and music for minutes, with breaks in between to tell me “All our customer care executives are currently busy. Someone will be with you shortly, please hold the line”.

Maybe Nokia Care’s IVRS works because there is no dealing with a human.

Just one point though, If the front desk staff could stop giggling and fooling around with each other, while dealing with customers, it would make the customer feel a lot more important and “cared” for.

I was actually wondering if the companies have a code of conduct in place for their front desk employees.


  1. Dear Sir

    Myself Sanjay Swami. This is to bring your attention that I bought a Nokia 6600 referring IMEI No 357952007847727 from Comp mart (India) Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon which cost me 9,690.00 including taxes with 1 year warranty. But after duration of 2 months I find that my mobile phone is automatically shutting down. For which I have complaint4 times to the Nokia care center & also as per their direction I have submitted my mobile 4 times in Nokia care center (Sheetla Wll Service, OPP Plaza Solitaire, old Delhi Road, Gurgaon, Haryana) to fix the bug permanently. But still I am facing the same problem & nobody paying their attention for this problem & still my mobile is in Nokia care Center as well.

    If this is the kind of Customer Services Nokia provides to its loyal customer, I am unable to understand what levels of Customer-satisfaction, you are aiming to achieve. Plz give me a reason, why should anybody buy a authorized Nokia Set if we are not getting adequate services?????

    Please tell me who much more shall I have to suffer to get my problem solved or going to a Consumer Court is the last option for a Nokia Loyalist.

    Expecting a favourable response and action from your side.

    Please find the other necessary correspondence (Documents attached) made with them (Noika)

    Customer Name: Sanjay

    IMEI No. : 357952007847727

    Invoice No Date

    INV/SG-09/167/06-07 16th April’06

    Job Sheet Date

    026434038/060617/81 17th June’06

    023464038/060706/106 6th July’06

    026434308/060710/112 10th July’06

    026434308/060710/112 2nd August’06

    Customer Care Compliant Nos;




    Thx and regard’s

    Sanjay swami



  2. Things are improving around with international brands but the national brands really need to learn a lot.

    Hopefully things will get better soon!!

  3. hi, i want customer care email ids of nokia. its urgent. nokia service centre is not responding properly. regards.


  5. Nokia Customer Care

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My sister stay in Australia and she have Nokia N73 3G Network. She send the phone to me and I’m staying at Sri Lanka. I cant use this phone cause phone is rejected at that time. In Sri Lanka I went to various place’s to unlock my phone but it did not worked.

    So I send my phone to Australia and my sister went to the agent that she have purchase the phone. they told to my sister that it cant unlock because so phone is automatically locked. (In Sri Lanka some cellular agents enter some unlocking codes more than 3 times.) They gave my sister unlocking code.

    So they told to my sister to go to nokia service center and unlock the phone. Is it possible to unlock my phone. Please can you tell me what shall I do. I need the answer quickly as possible.



    Dear Sir,

    I wish to bring to your kind notice that I have a Nokia battery BL-5C make with my Mobile No.9810647928 and I have lodged a complaint through E-mail on16.08.2007 to replacement/en/rcra/3.but no action has been taken as yet.

    Kindly look in to the matter and replaced my Nokia made Bl-5c battery immediatly otherwise some thing happened with my life you are fully responsible for that.

    with regards

    NEW DELHI-110028,

  7. Hi,

    This is Kuldeep here. Yesterday i.e 21 st August, 2007, I lost my Nokia N95 Mobile, IMEI No : 354835014530092. I have already blocked my sim card (91-9840619493). Could you please let me know if it is possible for me to trace/lock the handset from the above mentioned IMEI number. If yes, please let me know how it can be done to forbid misuse of my mobile.


  8. Dear Sir,

    My mobile phone was showing contact service so firstly I went to nokia care, which is situated in Ambedkar Road Ghaziabad, they said we can not repair it you have to go our head office which is in Noida sec – 2.
    I have submitted my mobile (nokia 6300) for repairing (phone is showing contact service) on 28 July 2007 time 12:36 at nokia care center situated in Noida Sec – 2 UP. On that date the front desk executive gives me expected date of delivery was 01 Aug 2007 time 16:00.
    When I go there they said it is require replacement and they don’t have stock. & Tell me to collect it after 7 days.
    After 7 days when I call there they again tell the same story & post phoned the delivery for 3 to 4 days and it is going and going, now one month is over.
    My set is lying with Nokia Care for more than a MONTH now DO you really want your customer to go for a legal help in this matter? I am very much irritated and would never recommend any of the Nokia products to anybody. I would rate this as the Poorest of the services that I had ever seen and most pathetic response to customer complaint. I assume that care line is meant for just saying Sorry to the customers and cannot help them in any regards. I would like to take this to media as well and would like to show the nation that what kind of services are given by so called world leader Nokia. (Anyways Media is also hungry about these kinds of issues).

    I would seek an early response and quick action for this and I understand that you will appreciate my patience. Now I cannot withstand this anymore and would like to take serious action for this. ONE Month is good enough time for repairing/Replacing the set and if the set is not available in nokia care center it can be managed from any of the Dealers/distributors. I had never imagined this poor service from Nokia and if I get a chance I would definitely look to talk with your Customer Support Country Head. I hope I have made my points very clear and if I do not get a call from your and if this issue is not sorted out immediately, I am going to proceed with suitable action.

    Hemant Bakshi

    Jobsheet No. 1200190881
    Customer Name Mr. Ravi
    Address Sec – 6 Vaishali Ghaziabad
    Phone No. 9868588748, 9999505094
    Serial No. 356261010976874
    Model 6300
    Product code 0515596

    Purchased from Reliance Digital
    Shipra Mall Indirapuram
    Ghaziabad UP

  9. Nokia is a hopeless company. Because its service is horrible. I bought my mobile on 5th Nov07, N-72 from Tirupati Communication Priority Dealer , Guwahati. It is not working even for a day. Still they refuse to replace. They say even after one hour also they cannot replace set , it may be defective. YOu have to go to service centre only to repair your brand new cell of just 1 hr old.
    This is NOKIA.

  10. Dear Sir / Madam,

    This is to inform you that I purchased a Nokia Handset Model 6708 vide bill no 13257 dated 8Jan’07 from Jatindra Electronics, S.C.O.2439, Sector-22C, Chandigarh vide original mobile serial no 357578001793227.
    Since the date of purchase of Handset I am regularly spending lot of time & money on visiting Nokia Customer Service Centre on regular intervals for following problems like-
    1. No clarity in camera,
    2. Dictionary in Chinese,
    3. Network Problem-Show no excess while on roaming,
    4. Sets go hang-up & Show on screen done to flash.
    5. Shows prepaid balance once only after mobile is Switched On again. And then Unable to show balance after calls is received or dialed.
    6. Audio problems like no outgoing audio or poor incoming audio quality
    7. Power failure, phone lock while in active mode & no response for long time [hang up].

    My handset had been submitted number of times to Nokia authorized customer care centre as per following Job Sheet details—
    1. Job Sheet No.- 2300198369 Dated 30, May’2007
    2. Job Sheet No.- 2300199029 Dated 01, June’2007.
    3. Job Sheet No.- 2300199822 Dated 05, June’2007
    4. Job Sheet No.- 2300203921 Dated 20, June’2007
    5. Job Sheet No.- 115343506/071115/21 Dated 15, November’2007

    Since the date of purchase of Handset till today the handset got lying in the service centre for repair for more than a period of six months. While I only use the handset just for a period of 2-3months which is also not in the proper condition with always one fault or the other in the handset.

    Even when I submitted the handset to Nokia centre on 15th November I still facing the following problems in the handset:

    1. Sets go hang-up & Show on screen done to flash.
    2. Shows prepaid balance once only after mobile is Switched On again. And then Unable to show balance after calls is received or dialed.
    3. Power failure, phone lock while in active mode & no response for long time [hang up].
    4. Shows phone out off reach to the calling party even when the mobile is switch-on.
    5. Not able to done outgoing call even phone is on position.
    6. Lots of minor other problems like in application etc

    So request you to look into matter as I am following up with Nokia Service centres for long time & not getting any satisfactory service for my handset. I purchased such a costly handset with an intention for better services but as on today it seems I purchased a problem for myself so far.

    Moreover the entire look of the handset goes bad to worse after it got submitted in the service centre for so many times till today.

    As I am facing mental/financial harassment & torture for not getting proper product & value for money I might have to take the support of Consumer Court for getting Justice. Inspite of my regular calls to Mr. Kalsi[Regional head-Northern region] Mobile No-09872555591, I am not getting any solution for the problem I am facing for now more than 10 Months.

    Request you once again to look into urgent basis & provide me a complete sealed brand
    new handset of same model or equal compatible handset of the same price range in case the existing one is EOL at the earliest possible so as to avoid my further mental harassments & financial loss.

    I again request you that if there is some technical problem with the Nokia 6708Model as the executive sitting at the Nokia Service Centre always says, then please replace my Nokia 6708 Model with another Nokia Handset Model of at least Same price range so that I get at least value of my money.

    Hoping for an early and favorable solution of my problem.

    And I also request you to update regarding my Handset status at the earliest, as till today from 15th November 2007, I am not getting any information regarding my handset status, which is a very disgusting and really shameful act on the Part of Nokia Care.


    Nitin Bansal
    Mobile: +91- 9417173004.

  11. I am using Nokia N73 Music edition 3 months before .But its been a month or so that i am facing a problem that nothing can be downloaded like songs as example .Catalgoue not updated it says some catalogue failed to load .Kindly provide your help as soon as possible.

  12. I am dam sure about this thing that not even me but everybody who knows me will never buy Nokia phone in future because of such a bad experience that I have with Nokia. I bought a Nokia 6300 in month of October. It worked only for 1 month and after that the problem started. Phone voice and ringing become so low that I am not able to even hear the ring if anybody calls me. As the phone was in guarantee period so I went to Nokia Care, Janak Puri, Distt Center, New Delhi. I have given them phone on November 15, 2007, to fix the problem. According to them they have send the phone 5 times to the Nokia Head office in Okhla for repair and every week they asked me to collect the phone. I have visited them more than 6 times every week to collect phone everytime when I check the phone the problem was there and they give same assurance sir this is last time we will make the phone okay. Now this is 6th time they have sent back the phone to Nokia Head office. Now it is 1 month and 10 days and I did not get back my phone.

    If there is someone who pay attention to these feedback and help to get my phone from such a big name NOKIA with such a big reputation according to them, than it will be highly appreciable for me. Otherwise last option for me is to go in Consumer Court. The details regarding the phone service job sheet are as follows:

    Job Sheet Number: 450434038/071115/35

    Date: November 15, 2007.

    Customer Name: Navneet Singh.

    Address: H. No 4530, Gali Jatan, Pahari Dhiraj.

    ESN/IMEI number: 357671015135392.

    Product Code: 0515596

    Warranty Ref Number: APAINY093733863

  13. Hi, I have Nokia 5610 handset and now panel is broken and I went to nearest shops of Nokia for seeking that particular panel for my handset and according to shop keepers this particular panel has not yet come in market. What do I need to do. Because my handset’s condition is dilapidated due to damage. Please suggest ASAP.

  14. Hi,
    I am using Nokia 5610 Music Xpress. When I make or recieve call I can not hear the caller properly. The volume is very low. How to increase the volume. Plz. help me?

  15. I have a nokia 3110 c heandset. I forget my security password. Pls let me know the trick to retrieve my password again.

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