Must Read: Getting Real by 37signals

The e-book “Getting Real” is a collection of excellent (read very practical) ideas.

I deliberately did not use the word pragmatic here, coz that’s the topic of another post that I plan to write soon, yes it’ll be about Andrew Hunt and David Thomas

Getting Real is a must read for all web developers, designers and entrepreneurs.


  1. A must read book for anyone who has a dream to become an entrepreneur someday. 37Signals has given every bits of “The way we do it” details.

    I personally recommend to all the CEO’s of startups and growing companies in India.

    By the way Manik when you people are planning the next Barcamp? As I don’t want to miss any of them from now on; specially after looking at all the presentations you people did the first one. Yours was very detailed (I have it on my comp).

  2. Yup, that book rocks!

    It’s not anything you haven’t heard before (if you pay attention to the 37 signals blogs), but having it in one coherent narrative really brings the points in the book home.

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