basecamp vs. activeCollab

After reading a few comparisons of Basecamp and activecollab, particularly the one at slackermanager, I decided to run a few projects on activeCollab.

Though features-wise activecollab has been seen giving basecamp a run for it’s money, the area where it clearly lacks is usability.
This point becomes clear if you just compare the dashboards of the two apps.
Basecamp is so intutive that rarely do I have to look around to find some information. And even the effort required to digest the displayed information is minimal in basecamp. The fonts and visual clues used on basecamp are much better than those in activeCollab.

Another feature which I do not like about AC is that it just sends links in emails and not the actual messages. Basecamp sends the actual messages in the email notification, hence avoiding the unnecessary trip to the project website.

I agree that AC is under heavy development but definitely it needs a lot of love.

I find myself much more productive on projects which I run on basecamp that I plan to stick with basecamp and am happy paying them my money.


  1. Manik

    Indeed Basecamp has some intuitively more appealing features then ActiveCollab – and it’s not like the features are that difficult to implement (and be made available as options).

    For example – the email notification really should have the content of a message embedded within the email itself (but doesn’t).

    (Plus, the sheer size of fonts in AC should be larger; again, making it a preference would work just fine.)

    Happy New Year!

  2. I thought this too when I started getting notifications with links not text… but then I realised it forces me to authenticate myself with AC before I can read the message/comment/task – which in some environments might be important.

    However I think this should be optional – I’m using AC to plan a school exchange, so data sensitivity isn’t a problem.


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