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Ever since i blogged about my JLPT result, I have received more than a few queries about how I managed to do it without going to a language school.

Here I have bookmarked some sites I found useful.

And here are a few Kanji books, which are very useful for self study

  • Basic Kanji Book vol.1 (@amazon)
  • Basic Kanji Book vol.2 (@amazon)
  • Intermediate Kanji book vol.1 (@amazon)
  • Intermediate Kanji book vol.2 (couldn’t find it at amazon)

bookmark_borderJLPT results are out.

I got my Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) result today.
I have passed the level 2.
I am now only 1 level away from being as good as a native Japanese speaker.
I have no plans to try Level 1. Not for a couple of years atleast.

Looking back, I had put in a lot of effort last year into studying Japanese. And it coincided with my opening a new office for vinsol and hiring my first employees. And then i took up some projects, which i would have never done, had it not been for the money I needed to sustain the new office.

Those were really gruelling times.

But all that hardwork has finally paid off. And what surprises a lot of people is that I have never been to a Japanese language school.
For me the internet, more than makes up for the lack of a teacher.

Zehi, Kore kara mo gambarimasu 🙂

bookmark_borderJLPT exam

Took my JLPT exam yesterday. Thank God, it’s over.
Now i can do more programming, without feeling guilty about it. ( I should rather be studying Japanese uhh… uhhh.. can play with ruby on rails after the exam too…)

I plan to continue studying Japanese. And now with the exam out of the way, I hope to enjoy it more, since I would study it my way. Rather than focus on passing the exam.

Sometimes I let my short term priorities override my long term priorities. Or maybe it was just my insecurity that made me do so.

bookmark_borderJLPT level 2

I have not been posting to my blog recently. I am preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test , Level 2. The exam is in December, and though I have been collecting blog post topics on my pda, I have not had enough time to write more. But i hope to gradually find out some time to write more.
If you are in Delhi and taking the JLPT level 2 this year, please contact me. I want to exchange books. Most importantly, I want to have a lot of level 2 reading comprehension practise, so i hope to get some stuff from you. Can give you some very useful books in return.