bookmark_borderBarcamp Delhi Again!

When the idea of a Barcamp was first mooted by Jon in February this year, we [Gaurav, Amit and moi] quicky lapped it up. But as the initial excitment of doing an “unconference” mellowed down, doubts started creeping in. We were not sure of what was in store for us.
Would there be enough people to join the “unconference”? Would we get enough sessions lined up? What would be the level of those sessions? etc. etc.

Eventually Barcamp Delhi proved to be a bigger success than any of us had imagined. Not only that, it proved to be the harbinger of a barcamp revolution of sorts in India.

And now the stage is set for the second round.

BarcampDelhi-2 will be held on this Saturday, 9th of December at Impetus Infotech, Noida.

For details visit the wiki page here

Thanks to Impetus for allowing us to use their offices, we were having a very tough time finding a suitable venue this time.

I have not yet finalized what I would speak on, but I am leaning towards something related to testing in Ruby on Rails.

Spread the word around and see you there!

p.s: An interesting bit, I came to know about barcamp from Rashmi at the Uzanto Open House. I always thought the name bar-camp came from the legendary foo and bar variables. Rashmi told us that the bar in barcamp is actually “Bay Area Rejects”, essentially those who were not invited to the foocamp.

bookmark_borderRailsConf Europe 2006

Marcel and DHH were very surprized to know that I had flown in from India for the RailsConf.

I enjoyed most of the sessions that I attended. With four tracks going on in parallel definitely I missed out on some very good ones.

  • DHH’s session on ActiveResource was great. He demoed what he had talked about at Chicago RailsConf. I have also moved one of my projects to the edge to start playing with simply_restful.
  • Marcel’s session on making RJS DRYer was also good. simply_helpful is a good way of doing this. It applies the same philosophy to the View side of things, that simply_restful applies to the controller. Using the simply_helpful plugin, the application can use a lot of meaningful default, hence making the views and helpers a lot more dry-er.
  • Jamis just released a new version of capistrano and he demoed the cool new features. The slickest of them was the cap shell. It is a great tool to monitor multiple serves in a cluster from a single console, with the ability to run commands against only particular machines in the cluster identified by roles that the machines play in the cluster.
  • Jim Weirich’s plenary session was great. He demonstrated a lot of common mistakes that programmers make, because of Ruby’s open classes. A lot of his talk featured around being good to other’s code.
  • Dave Thomas and Kathy Siera were outstanding, entertaining and passionate as usual!

bookmark_borderready for RailsConfEurope2006, PizzaonRails

I am Travelling to London this wednesday, to attend the first RailsConf Europe 2006

I will be attending the pre-conference social PizzaOnRails on Wednesday evening. Then the RailsConf on Thursday, Friday.
I will be visiting the Shinnyo-en temple in Surrey on Saturday morning and be back in Central London by the afternoon.
Am flying back to Delhi on Sunday morning.

Anybody interested in meeting up to discuss ruby, rails, buddhism, India whatever… drop me
a mail.

bookmark_borderRuby on Rails Presentation

I will be making a Ruby on Rails presentation at the August php meetup.

This would be my second presentation on RoR, after the one at BarCampDelhi.

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And this time there will be no ppts 😉

Thanks to ValueOne for hosting the meetup.

bookmark_borderDelhi ruby enthusiasts meetup.

Love Ruby. Love Rails. Love Beer. Love Food. Do You?

Jon and I are organizing a ruby/rails enthusiasts meetup on Friday, June 2, 8pm at Piccaddily, PVR Plaza, C.P.

We’ll be exchanging views and experiences on Ruby and Rails over beer and food.

All Ruby enthusiasts who are willing to share the bill are welcome to join us.

A rsvp mail to me or jon would be appreciated.
Coz Picaddily gets crowded at weekends at times … and we might need to make a reservation.

bookmark_borderRailsConf Europe 2006…. here i come.

Signed up for RailsConf Europe 2006, London September 14-15. It’s EXPENSIVE as compared to Chicago RailsConf in June. But I think the airfare will even out things for me. And the chicago conference got booked so fast, that I didn’t even get a chance to think seriously about attending it.

The conference is already packed with exciting speakers, including the creator of Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, Pragmatic Programmer Dave Thomas, best-selling author and passion maven Kathy Sierra, Rails core developers Jamis Buck, Marcel Molina, Jr., Thomas Fuchs, Rails authors and trainers David Alan Black, and Chad Fowler, Rake author Jim Weirich and many more to be announced.

Sound like it’ll be fun …if you would be there too …. ping me and let’s meetup.