ready for RailsConfEurope2006, PizzaonRails

I am Travelling to London this wednesday, to attend the first RailsConf Europe 2006

I will be attending the pre-conference social PizzaOnRails on Wednesday evening. Then the RailsConf on Thursday, Friday.
I will be visiting the Shinnyo-en temple in Surrey on Saturday morning and be back in Central London by the afternoon.
Am flying back to Delhi on Sunday morning.

Anybody interested in meeting up to discuss ruby, rails, buddhism, India whatever… drop me
a mail.


  1. Hey Manik,

    Best of Luck with the Rails meetup. Hope you have a smashing time there.

    I think you should blog the event extensively (with video, audio etc) Post the event, you should take the lead in putting together a Rails community in Delhi. There is a fledglng Rails community in Pune, I’m sure we will slowly find enough guys in Delhi. Uzanto is also working on a ROR application now, so our team can also participate in the Delhi community.


  2. Off Topic: This is just a quick note to invite you to join, a meeting place for people interested in the Ruby Programming Language or any of the related technologies. I would suggest using a Ruby/Rails feed to register your blog.

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