interview with PuneRuby

By no means am i a Ruby guru.
But it is great to be in the company of Gurus.

Read my interview here .

Satish Talim has a great community going in Pune.
And that is what DHH asked me at the RailsConf… do you have a Ruby Group in Delhi?.
Time we had one.
delhi.rb ~ Anybody interested?


  1. wow !!!

    I am interested in volunteering to help start Ruby Group in Delhi (will cover North India primarily). PuneRuby is the largest Ruby Group having members like Mr. Satish Talim and others. There is also another community, IndiaonRails, ignited by Pratik Naik (freeonrails fame).

    Anyone interested to join DelhiRuby or IndiaonRails .. please send me a request at and I’ll forward it to groups respective moderators.

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