Barcamps covered by LivingDigital

When I, Amit and Gaurav met Binesh at Tekriti’s office in Gurgaon, for that informal chat about Barcamp Delhi, I had my doubts that LivingDigital was serious about publishing an article on Barcamps.

So I was really surprised when
I read on Amit’s blog
that there was an article in the June issue of LD which covered Barcamps.

Thanks Binesh for the article.

And again reading about BlogCamp on the main pages of HindustanTimes today, got me thinking about the kind of interest these “unconferences” are generating in the main media.

Though it would be much easier for anybody to organize the next barcamp or blogcamp or (whatever)camp. Will the crowd be the kind that these events have attracted so far.
I have met people who have attended BarCamp Delhi, and also the barcamps in the other Indian cities. A few of us also attended the first MoMoDelhi (mobile monday Delhi).
And most of us agree that BarcampDelhi, had the best crowd.

Could it be that as the word is spreading, the actual “Signal to Noise” ratio for these events is decreasing.


  1. Cool..gr8 to see proactive techies like u representing the indian front abroad. me an ajax,js fanatic ,but rails is right up there in the to-do exploring list . do post when ur coming down to blore for any event …

    Keep Clicking,
    Bhasker V Kode

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