bookmark_borderRailsConf 2010

So it’s that time of the year again.

It’s the time for RailsConf. It’s the time for another visit to the US. And it’s the time to write another blog post.

The RailsConf2010 is from 8th to 10th June in Baltimore, MD.

This will be my fourth US Railsconf. Two years in Portland, Oregon. Last year in Las Vegas and this year in Baltimore – RailsConf is giving me good reason to visit different parts of US. I hope that the British Airways Ground Staff Strike does not disrupt my plans.

I travel directly to Baltimore, where on the sidelines of the conference, I have some very interesting meetings scheduled. After the conference, I will be in NYC for a few days for business. Then from NYC, I’ll be hopping over to the west coast and be in San Francisco for a week.

If you are in any of these cities that I would be visiting and would like to meetup, drop an email to manik at vinsol dot com