hooked to writely

Writely, the web word processor

I have been using Writely a lot lately. It is gradually becoming my default word processor.
It makes very easy for me to write documents and share them with my team. I can send mails to my team members with link to the doc from within writely and that’s it.

While writing my last blog article, I found another reason to use writely. I was writing the post and in between I needed to lookup a word at dictionary.com, so i did a ctrl-k in firefox and entered the word. I got the meaning but the page overwrote my post. ( Normally I do a ctrl-t, ctrl-k so that the meaning comes up in a new tab) Anyways I used the browser back button, the page was reloaded and all that I had written was gone.

Learning :

1) From now on, I will write my blog posts on writely. Writely has an autosave feature. Also ctrl-s works on writely. I need not scroll down to press the “save and continue editing” button as I have to do in wordpress.

2) Autosave posts, could be an idea for a wordpress plugin that I could write. Now that wordpress admin has been so ajaxified 😉

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