Don’t wait to get invited to the FooCamp, signup for the barcamp today.

BarCamp, the open source version of Orielly’s FooCamp has finally arrived in Delhi.
All thanks to Jon, Amit and Gaurav for making it happen.

BarCampDelhi will be held on 4th March 2006 at Adobe’s campus in Noida.
The theme of BarCampDelhi will be “Next Generation Internet: Web 2.0, mobile computing, and other cool stuff”.
You can read more about it at the barcamp wiki.

I have volunteered for these sessions

  • Ruby on Rails : Rapid web application development
  • Simple Sharing Extensions : The two way RSS

If you would be interested in partnering with me on these, please drop me a mail.

I have been a TiE member for many years, it is a great community of entrepreneurs and I have learnt a lot from them.

Similarly, I hope the barcamp will help us create an NCR tech community.

So please spread the word around, this is a must attend event for all software enthusiasts in NCR.

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