BarCamp in Delhi

Hey Guys, BarCampDelhi3 has been announced. Better be there or you will miss out the best tech get together in town.

I have been involved with both the previous Delhi BarCamps. I have been a planner, speaker, front desk volunteer and a time keeper. I am sure it would be no different this time around. This is something I love about BarCamps. It’s a completely volunteer driven event. There is no organizer and there is no manager. Infact, everybody is the organizer and everybody is the manager. It is a very informal and flexible event.

It is a great platform for individuals, small companies and startups to get themselves or their product or service noticed. Decide on a topic you feel passionate about and if you can speak on it for 20-30 minutes, voila, you would be famous overnight.
If speaking on a topic is too much of an effort for you, blog/photolog/vlog the event, post about it on the wiki and use the tag barcampdelhi3. There are other ways also by which you can participate and help, read about it on the barcamp wiki.

If this will be your first barcamp, be warned, barcampers are a very opinionated group.
See the php vs ruby vs python vs java guys fight it out. Be ready for the Django vs Rails supermacy debate. Don’t miss the Opera vs IE battle. I prefer opera, after all they are sponsoring the drinks 😉
Is somebody from Microsoft reading this blog 🙂

The third barcamp at Delhi is being held this Saturday, 8th December 2007 at Impetus Technologies in Noida.

Details are on the wiki page here.


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